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1st Game:

Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering is a turn-based, dungeon-crawling, card-battler with a twist: instead of controlling the hero, you build the dungeon around them.

Using cards drawn from your Guild decks, you lay down rooms, monsters, traps and of course loot!

Meanwhile, your hero is making their own decisions on where to go and what to fight.

But will they be strong enough to take on the deepest dungeons?

In between dungeon runs, you manage your Guild, building new rooms to attract new classes of adventurer and expand your decks of cards with more powerful items.

A hand-drawn guild map on graph paper, populated with different classes of adevnturers.

• Restore your guild to its former glory as Dungeon Master by taking control of your fledgling group of heroes and leading them to victory!

(after admitting to a few defeats of course)

• Entice, coax and bribe your heroes to clear the dungeons you build by strategically placing rooms, monsters and loot from the cards you are dealt•

Get to know each of your hero’s personality and traits, upgrade your existing heroes, and add new heroes while you try out new strategies to keep from sending them to their doom!•

Manage your guild well and level up to unlock more rooms and equipment.

Improving your guild means you’ll have a better chance at beating the harder dungeons as you delve deeper.

A card battle between a Knight and a Rust Monster, depicted in pencil and paper style

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2nd Game:


An upside-down digital/analogue universe created from original artwork and recordings to commemorate 21 years of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac.

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3rd Game:

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared across the generations.

Guide both characters in single-player mode or play cooperatively with a friend as you trek through frozen tundra, leap across treacherous ice floes, swim through underwater caverns and face enemies both strange and familiar.

On over 75 “Best of 2014” lists and winner of “Best Debut Game” at the 2015 BAFTA Games Awards as well as “Game of the Year” and “Most Significant Impact” at the 2015 Games for Change Awards, nearly 40 Alaska Native elders, storytellers and community members contributed to the making of the game.

You’ll explore awe-inspiring environments, perform heroic deeds and meet legendary characters from Iñupiaq stories — all narrated by a master storyteller in the spoken Iñupiaq language.


Play as both Nuna and Fox — Switch between the two companions at any time with one button press, or play side by side in local co-op mode, as you rely on the unique skills of each character to succeed in your quest.

Nuna can climb ladders and ropes, move heavy obstacles, and throw her bola at targets to solve puzzles.

ox can fit through small areas that Nuna can’t reach, scramble up walls, and jump to great heights.

NOTE: Local co-op play requires at least one Xbox 360 or equivalent game controllerBrave the harsh world of the Arctic — Run under, through, and atop the unstable structures of an abandoned coastal village.

Explore the eerily quiet treetops of a mysterious, frozen forest.

Brave the fierce winds of the eternal blizzard.

Only with the aid of Helping Spirits will Nuna and Fox have any chance of survival in a land where survival seems impossible.Unlock fascinating video insights.

Elders, storytellers, and other members of the Alaska Native community share stories and wisdom about their culture, values and the amazing Arctic world encountered by players in over 30 minutes of interviews.

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