3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound allows players to work with their teammates to pull off

rim-shaking slam dunks, awe-inspiring alley-oops, flashy no-look passes, and

clutch outside shots which breaks the heart of the opposing team in competitive

games filled with the joy and energy of street basketball.


3 Vs 3 Online Multiplayer Mode

1 Vs 1 Online Multiplayer Mode

Dynamic Practice Lobby

Free to Play Basketball Action

The game’s unique free-to-play approach means that players can dedicate the time needed to master the game and become online street basketball legends.

Real-time Online Community

Dive into a huge online community of potential teammates and competitors with real-time Cross Platform matching! 

Easy, Fast-paced Street B-ball Gameplay

Perform your favorite basketball moves with ease within first time trying out! 

Dynamic Art Powered By Unreal Engine 4

Play with vivid graphic inspired by the real-life street basketball courts! 

Characters With Unique Skill Sets

Pick your taste from 3on3 FreeStyle’s own roster of Characters! Whether the player wants a tall, lanky rim protector, a gravity-defying slam dunk artist, it’s all there!

Game Trailer:

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