9 PS4 Games for Free Until 22-04-2021

All games are free until 22-04-2021



From the artistic mind behind Journey, Flower, and The Pathless, ABZÛ is a

beautiful underwater adventure that evokes the dream of diving.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant ocean world full of mystery and bursting with color and life.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a gunfight dungeon crawler following a band of misfits

seeking to shoot, loot, dodge roll and table-flip their way to personal

absolution by reaching the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past.

Rez Infinite (PSVR Compatible) 

Prepare yourself for the ultimate version of Rez, a thrilling journey of ights and sounds and shooting action, remastered and upgraded by members

of the original development team exclusively for PS4 and (optional) PlayStation VR.


You have crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down.

Subnautica’s oceans range from sun-drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers.

The water teems with life: Some of it helpful, much of it harmful.

The Witness 

The Witness is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles.

This game respects you as an intelligent player, and it treats your time as precious.

There’s no filler: each of those puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix.

So, this is a game full of ideas.

Thumper (PSVR compatible)

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality.

You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.

Every crushing impact is interwoven with a pounding original soundtrack.

To reach synesthetic bliss, you must go through rhythm hell.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR only) 

Get a whole new perspective on platform games, thanks to PlayStation VR, in this daring rescue operation.

Take control of Astro in a massive adventure to rescue his crew, where the PS VR headset

puts you right in the thick of the action.

Judge every jump with accuracy and be curious – there are lots of secrets to discover in your daring quest.

Moss (PSVR only) 

Moss is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game and new IP from Polyarc tailor-made for the VR platform.

In Moss, players meet Quill, a young mouse with dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her settlement.

While exploring the woods, she finds a mysterious Glass Relic and an ancient magic is awakened.

Paper Beast (PSVR only) 

Experience a dreamlike odyssey in virtual reality.

Discover a wild ecosystem, born from lost Internet data.

Be the first to explore a world inhabited by exotic and surprising creatures, and shape your environment to overcome obstacles and puzzles.

Unravel the mysteries of Paper Beast, a game born from the imagination of

Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust).

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