In the near future the world is consumed by the great crisis.

The resources of the planet are to end, the traditions mean nothing anymore.

It leads to many wars, one after another – places where one could live in peace and not worry about

the fact that he can be shot immediately were almost gone.

The planet was ruined.

Years of endless wars almost destroyed countries which we know today.

More and more powerful armies were created. The first non-governmental army was called The Opposition.

Its views were clear enough – its main purpose was to create a new society.

Without war, without violence, without tyrants.

But it was possible only by complete destruction of the old world and civilization.

The remains of the largest contries were forced to create an organization that could repulse the Opposition.

Its name was the Alliance.

The Alliance’s leaders believed that the Opposition’s actions would lead to complete destruction of the Earth and dissapearance of humanity.

They believed that because of such actions the restoration of civilization in the future would be impossible.

The Alliance protected knowledge that was accumulated by humanity during its existence.

Its leaders considered that the humanity should stop that war.

You are the commander of the Alliance.

Your goal is to take control of the bases in the hot spots and to resist the advancing enemy.

Gameplay Features

Complete the campaign of 14 levels and show what you can in the Survival mode!

Develop the base to gain access to new units, turrets, methods of support.

As a result, the base may become a flying fortress!

Use tanks, aircrafts, ships against enemy and powerful bosses.

Improve your units by increasing their defensive characteristics and fighting abilities.

Game Trailer

Gameplay Video

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