America Map for American Truck Simulator v1.43

No more blank signs.
I did not make any maps used here.

I only blended them into 1 mod.
Mod also gives you blue roads on map and GPS.
All roads show blue, even when traveled.

There is a satellite background added.
A GPS background added and a little yellow truck on the map and GPS in place of the blue triangle.

(Click on a photo to enlarge)


CanaDream by ManiaX, Coast to Coast by Mantrid, Reforma by Reforma Team, Montana Expansion by xRECONLOBSTERx, Midwest Expansion (Beta) by Jacemeister and blending, gps and map additions by K-DOG

Q: What DLC’s Do I need

A: All DLC’s

(I did not do a full test on this map)

Unpacked Size 2,4Gb

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USA Map v2.0 for ATS v1.43