With lots of testing, feedback, fixing, and fine-tuning, we are excited to announce the highly anticipated arrival of update 1.41 for

American Truck Simulator.

We’d like to thank all those who took part in the 1.41 Open Beta, made bug reports, and provided general feedback on this new version.

We hope you can now begin to fully enjoy the various new features which are included within this update. 

Convoy Multiplayer

Convoy is a new multiplayer game mode, where players can set up and host their own private sessions (password optional) to drive with their friends or other fellow truckers.

There is currently support for synchronized AI traffic, time and weather, and the ability to take the same job as other players.

Convoy allows you to create and host an online session with up to 8 players.

We plan to eventually raise the player limit in the future, however, we are keeping it small at this time due to its work-in-progress nature.

Session hosts will automatically be made admins of these sessions, allowing them to ultimately control what kind of environment they want to have online, as well as having the ability to kick any trouble-makers from the session. 

You can also see, filter, browse and eventually join any of the available sessions that have already been created by your friends or other truckers.

So what options and features will players be able to use and experience in Convoy? 

Any player can host and create their own private sessions for up to 8 people

Ability to haul the same contracts/jobs together from the same company and to the same destination

Synchronized AI traffic

Synchronized time and weather

Synchronized paint jobs, truck accessories, cabin accessories, cargoes, and more

Ability to communicate with other drivers via CB radio broadcast (X key), quick replies (Q key), or text chat (Y key)

We know how many players are eager to try out this new feature; however, there are some things you will need to know before joining your friends on the road!
Notable issues / not yet implemented:

Mods in Convoy mode are not supported in the initial release.

AI vehicles might disappear when a player disconnects.

Lifting bridges are not synchronized. They will be stationary for the initial release of Convoy.

Steam invites work only through the Steam overlay.

CB radio broadcast (hotkey “X”) interferes with the text input line.

Worried about your profile progress?

In case of trouble-makers or other circumstances out of your control, players will have the option to revert their savefile to one made previously before joining the session.

From friends to VTC’s, we are excited to see how you will enjoy Convoy and we look forward to hearing your constructive feedback on this new online feature.

California Reskin

During our special Christmas 2020 live stream, we announced that we would be revisiting California in American Truck Simulator to give our starting state a reskin!

Today, we bring the first iteration of this reskin, carrying a major road layout rework, agriculture stations, and more!

One of the most noticeable changes drivers will experience when arriving in California are the new agriculture border control stations!

All drivers hauling goods into the state will have to undergo special checks from the control station where vehicles are inspected for commodities that may be infested with invasive species, and for the correct documentation.

In-game, we will mimic these scenarios with a new feature, which will work very similarly to the current weigh stations.

Upon your arrival at the border, depending on what you are hauling, drivers will be notified to pull over for an inspection at one of the control stations before they are given the green light to enter the state. 

Our world design tools have been considerably improved during the years since ATS was released as well, and we plan to take advantage of the new power.

For example, our map designers can now pay attention to details like the proper role of the road surface in a curve.

We are also trying to make sure we get our research right when it comes to unique road signage elements, proper road markings, or the use of cat’s eyes.

We hope to achieve a completely new look and feel when driving across the State.

Read more here.

Photo Mode: Time & Weather options

We know how much our players love to take photos in-game and spend a lot of time creating that perfect shot, and for many, this also includes finding the right lighting conditions and weather.

So to help create that perfect trucking memory, we have implemented a new feature that may save you quite a bit of time when it comes to using console commands! 

Introducing the new Time and Weather options!

Players will now be able to choose the conditions of their liking, to create the perfect trucking snap just by simply adjusting a new slider to change the time, or clicking on two buttons to control the lighting/weather, all of which will appear in the updated in-game photo studio.

We can’t wait to see how drivers will use this new feature in the future, and we look forward to seeing your snaps! 


Convoy Multiplayer 

Time and weather adjustments in photo mode

Quick Travel


California Reskin part 1 including 7 Agricultural Stations and a road layout rework 


New icons in the map legend

Included DLC’s:

American Truck Simulator — Kenworth T680

American Truck Simulator — Peterbilt 579

American Truck Simulator — Rims

American Truck Simulator — Nevada

American Truck Simulator — Kenworth W900

American Truck Simulator — Steampunk Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Wheel Tuning Pack

American Truck Simulator — Arizona

American Truck Simulator — Steering Creations Pack

American Truck Simulator — Peterbilt 389

American Truck Simulator — Halloween Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Dragon Truck Design Pack

American Truck Simulator — Christmas Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Valentine’s Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Heavy Cargo Pack

American Truck Simulator — New Mexico

American Truck Simulator — Oregon

American Truck Simulator — Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Volvo VNL

American Truck Simulator — Special Transport

American Truck Simulator — Washington

American Truck Simulator — Forest Machinery 

American Truck Simulator — Space Paint Jobs Pack

American Truck Simulator — Pink Ribbon Charity Pack

American Truck Simulator — Utah

American Truck Simulator — International LoneStar

American Truck Simulator — Pink Ribbon Charity Pack

American Truck Simulator — Mack Anthem

American Truck Simulator — Idaho

American Truck Simulator — Western Star 49X

American Truck Simulator — Colorado

American Truck Simulator — Freightliner Cascadia

American Truck Simulator — Cabin Accessories

American Truck Simulator — Goodyear Tires Pack

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