Angel Wings is a Kdrama-inspired visual novel exploring themes of isolation, dependence, and autonomy set in an unfamiliar new city.

As the player, you begin your journey from rock bottom — no job, no friends and no motivation —

but upon answering a mysterious phone call, you awaken in an unknown place filled with new faces.

Through intricate relationships and thoughtful introspection, you will experience love, catharsis, or heartbreak.

Will you soar to new heights, or fly too close to the sun?

In development since late 2017, Angel Wings seeks to provide a new, refreshing, and realistic visual novel experience unlike any other.

Choose Your Fortune – a dynamic story that varies based on your personality type and desires.

7+ Playable Storylines

Over 20 Unique Endings

Hundreds of branching choices

Stunning character sprites, backgrounds and CGs

Dozens of unlockable character cosmetics

Angel Wings is a collaboration between established artist RumR and experienced game developer virusek, with a soundtrack including songs from Kris Leone and RiXtopia.

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By TeamEliteCrew