You and your friends are graduating from the prestigious Intergalactic Time Academy.

No time for partying though, as your first mission awaits!

The Orbees are all missing.

Yes, those curious little beings made of energy who power our time-tech are nowhere to be fou… no, wait!

We have a faint trace of their signal.

Are you brave enough to rescue them?

Prepare yourself for unknown dangers.

If you find some Orbees they might equip your Space-Time Machine with new tech.

Decide who is in charge of each gadget and combine your abilities to discover the best strategies.

Use cunning, comradeship and co-operation to survive and never forget the Academy motto: “BFF or Die!”

Best Friends Forever

BFF or Die is a game for you if:

You want a 2-4 player game to play with your partner/family/friends where you get to do everything as a team.

Pure co-operation sounds fun to you, as it’s a different feeling when you all work together.

You like games that are easy to start playing, but then gradually get more challenging.

You like games that let you figure things out yourself, rather than “hand holding” you too much and telling you what to do. 

You want a game with a fun, short campaign mode which adds replayability by having difficult trophies to collect, and also an unlockable “Infinite” mode.

Is There Online Multiplayer?

We do not have native online multiplayer support… BUT… you *can* 

play with your friends online by using Parsec.

Parsec (which is free to use) lets you share games with friends by streaming your screen and sound to them.

Their inputs (control pad or keyboard commands) then get sent to you and with almost no lag (depending on your computer and internet).

This lets you play real-time online co-op together.!

What to Expect

We strongly recommend playing in co-op 2, 3 or 4 player modes as this is when the game is most fun.

Playtime will vary depending on your skill level, but as a guide:

1-Player story game: 2-3 hours

2-Player story game: 2-3 hours

3-Player story game: 2-3 hours

4-Player story game: 2-3 hours

“The Infinite Trials”: 1-999 hours! Or maybe ∞ hours, 🙂 complete as many randomized/procedural levels in a row as you can without losing.

Go back to the start if you die.

You can either share controllers (two people per controller) or have separate controllers.

As a minimum, you need the keyboard and one control pad to have a 4-player game.

Or you can use four separate control pads, it’s up to you.

There’s a story mode with 30 levels, followed by an unlockable “Infinite Trials” mode with challenging randomized/procedural levels.

Is Your Computer Fast Enough?

If you have a dedicated graphics card and/or your computer can normally play 3D games, then you should be able to run BFF or Die just fine.

If you have a high resolution screen (like with newer Macbooks) then you will probably want to set the boot up options of the game to 1920×1080 to get a smooth frame rate unless you also have a superfast graphics card to match your high screen resolution.

Info for Mac Users

Please note that because of changes Apple have made, the game won’t launch on Mac OS Catalina and above.

Game Trailer:

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