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Grab your Free uTalk language learning pack, exclusively with Fanatical.

Learning a new language is a fantastic way to break down barriers and understand how other cultures and communities go about their day to day lives. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn another language but don’t necessarily have a lot of time, or you’d like to learn a few basics to get the ball rolling, then uTalk is most definitely for you.

uTalk Language Learning Essentials – choose from one of 140+ languages

5 Essential Topics from the uTalk language learning product for free

Topics included – First Words, Travelling, Food and Drink, Social phrases, Restaurant

Over 3 hours of learning per Topic

Learn useful words and phrases from real native speakers

Play games and activities to help you learn

You don’t have to be an English speaker, you can choose which language to learn from

Learn on any device

Plus, avid learners who pick up the uTalk Language Learning Essentials will also get a 20% coupon to spend on any additional uTalk products on the Fanatical Store.

How does uTalk work?

Scientists, researchers and linguists all pooled their expertise to help make uTalk. Here’s why it works:

uTalk feature

Linking a word to an image creates a stronger memory than using words alone, so each word or phrase you hear on uTalk is represented by a picture.

uTalk feature

All voices you hear in each language are authentic native speakers, both male and female for each word and phrase. Voice recognition technology is good but it’s still not as good as the human ear. That’s why users are asked to judge for themselves how their pronunciation compares with a native speaker’s as part of two uTalk games.

uTalk feature

Repeating new information boosts your memory so words you want to learn pop up in different games and words you struggle with are identified by intelligent software and crop up more often.

uTalk feature

uTalk’s Practice section introduces new words into your short-term memory while its other five games, which get progressively more challenging, are aimed at getting them into your long-term memory. The games are designed to be short but hard enough that you are unlikely to get full marks first time – giving you time to stop, refresh and come back to a topic later on. That’s because spaced repetition does more for your memory than cramming.

uTalk feature

uTalk makes learning fun and that releases a feel-good chemical into our bloodstream which boosts motivation. So keep up the good work, play the games, score points and enjoy!

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(Available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux)

P.s. Just tested this freebie and this contains all languages but only the starting words.

For a complete language pack you have to buy that with the free Coupon what you get after you register your email.

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