Brigade E5: New Jagged Union is a tactical game

that places gamers in the small tropical

nation of Palinero on the verge of a civil war.

The mission: hire a band of mercenaries

and take control of the deteriorating situation

before the country finds itself in complete ruin.

The story offers players an opportunity to experience

three different viewpoints of the conflict or work out the

political structure to achieve their own goals in the

global domination.

Game play for the title is based on an innovative combat system called SPM® (Smart Pause Mode)

that successfully blends together

real-time and turn-based games.

Unlike standard turn-based systems,

Brigade E5: New Jagged Union does not use “action points”

while in turn-based mode,

but takes into consideration the character skills and

attributes resulting in more natural and diverse

behavior of units. Furthermore players can issue a

chain of commands that will be carried out automatically.

The choice of weapons will satisfy even highly demanding fans,

with more than 100 accurately modeled firearms,

varied ammunition types, grenades,

body armor and special equipment.

Players will be also able to modify and upgrade weapons

by adding various gadgets, sniper scopes, mini grenade launchers, bayonets, etc.

The game provides extensive LAN and Internet Multiplayer modes,

with CTF, Deathmatch and Fortress dynamic gameplay.

SPM® is a brand new feature for the squad combat strategy genre.

It gives all players a chance to command their soldiers

at the same time, using even an enemy’s pause.

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