No one was able to help the little broccoli who were kidnapped by the creatures.

Except him…

Our angry and small friend Broccoli Bob wants to put an end to this.

But it won’t be easy.

You will need reflexes and abilities on the way.

Your enemies will try everything to stop you.

Be with Bob and save little broccoli from creatures.

Prepare to see nature in the eyes of Broccoli Bob!

“Broccoli Bob” is an adventure game that combined with puzzle.



15 level campaign is waiting for you.

Worlds and Monsters

Different worlds, times and monsters including Summer, Winter and Night maps.

3 Broccoli

Find and save Angry, Scared and Indifference broccoli.


To get to the next level, you have to collect 3 Broccoli and find the door.

Weapons and Traps

On the way you’ll find different weapons, use them with caution.

Watch out for the traps, they can be deadly.

Game Trailer:

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Broccoli Bob

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