Overcome obstacles and restore the cyber world ByteFamily, eliminating the system virus, unlocking new game modes and gaining new skills!



The cyber world ByteFamily was invaded by thousands of viruses that are affecting the entire system.

The person in charge of all this is a bit familiar stranger, call: Ermes Boss.Save the system by Pixel, the antivirus bit.

And stop plans Ermes Boss.

Game Modes

There are 5 game modes with different goals.

Explore them and discover secrets, unlock secret stages and find and unlock new skills:

Mode: Challenge

Tame the phases of the way and save the system.

Talk to NPCs. They may say something interesting.

Mode: Record

Use your abilities to deviate from a swarm of Alicops and last as long as possible on a R3302.

Mode: Prison

Eliminate all viruses from prison, before they end up with you.

Mode: Bonus M

Find out for yourself.

Mode: Record Pro

Stay alive in a swarm of Alicops as much as possible through the Infinity Jump technique.

Master your control!

The game features a learning curve that level elements are gradually inserted between the phases, providing the development of their skills within the game mechanics.

Each stage of the game difficulty increases progressively, requiring you increasingly reflection, reasoning and habiladade.

Surpass your limits and claim your control!

Game Trailer:

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