Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG that pits you as Jez, who is dropped off at Summer Camp.

He awakes in the middle of the night to discover blood everywhere, a rampaging

killer on the loose dressed in a mascot costume and himself involved in a

deadly game of cat and mouse! It’s up to you to piece together the puzzle,

and relive the past of the Summer Camp Slasher in order to put a stop to this night of terror.


Discover and explore an entire Summer Camp. 

Beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit graphics. 

A deadly game of Cat & Mouse where the killer can be anywhere.

A fantastic story-driven narrative.

Unique lighting mechanics that really set the atmosphere. 

Don’t run out of batteries for your torch.

Find the diary pages to discover the history of Isaac Illerman. 

Avoid the Serial Slasher, two hits and it’s game over.

Lots of scares, spooky scenes and nods to famous franchises.

Devious puzzles to tax your brain box.

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