Ceyclopvania is an exciting classic Metroivanaia game with a retro pixel look.

Experience the journey of a little cyclops out for revenge!

Once, Ulysses destroyed his grandfather’s eye.

Now his descendants rule the ophthalmologist lobby, controlling the destiny of the turbo capitalist Steampunk world.

Proletarians and Cyclops unite!

This game was created as part of a month-long game jam.

Despite the short deadline, Cyclopvania offers extensive gameplay and an estimated playing time of one hour.

Classically, the player can collect power-ups to unlock different movement types:

Morph Ball

Double Jump

Wall Climbing

Wall Jumps

Other features of the game are:

Play time of one hour

4 differently designed zones

A boss fight against Odysseus

6 different enemies (boss included)

Original soundtrack!

Trapdoors, spikes, crushing rocks and other traps

and over 50 rooms of different sizes!

A shop where you can buy bombs and health

a complete map that you can discover!

Death and time counter for speed runners!

Game Trailer:


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