A thousand years ago it stopped raining, and all Earth’s water evaporated into the clouds.
For over a hundred years people have been building towers to attempt to reach the clouds, so they can get the water they need to survive.
And for over a hundred years they’ve failed.
It’s been a long time, but you’re not done building yet.
Cloud Climber is a short narrative adventure game, that can be completed in 10-15 minutes.
You must explore each tower, to uncover the full story of what happened, and find a way to the last tower to continue builder higher.
The game is a casual thought-provoking experience, that tells a unique and compelling story.
-Fully hand-drawn graphics
-Casual exploration based gameplay
-Fully voiced narration
-A short, yet satisfying experience
Explore the last monuments of humanity, as one of the only people alive, while coming to terms with the bleak reality that lies ahead.

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By TeamEliteCrew