Crawlerphobia (Free Horror PC Game)

 A group of friends decide to enter a sewer tunnel to find and record evidence of the cryptid known as crawler creatures,
which people all around the world have been capturing footage off.
  Soon enough you get lost and separated from your friends, as you hear a distant otherworldly screech,
now its up to you to make it out of the
disorienting sewer tunnels alive.


Crawlerphobia is a 90s VHS found footage horror
experience that plays on realistic situations and claustrophobic environments
with a deep atmosphere.

Features multiple endings

⚫ One good
⚫ One bad

“A Crawler is a commonly-seen cryptid with pale skin, long-limbs, and a tall, thin body.
They are generally seen around sewers and other underground areas.
There are stories of this creature being seen
all throughout America and other places in the world.”


Movement = WASD
RUN = Left shift
ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button

Best played in 1920×1080 resolution.

You can adjust quality settings inside the game through
ESC > Options.
You can view / edit controls inside the game through
ESC > Controls.

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