Doodle God is an addicting puzzle & world building game where players use logic and ingenuity to create the entire universe.

Starting with the basic elements of earth, wind, fire and air players can

build a world filled with locomotives, Dragons, skyscrapers, Aliens and more.

In Planet mode players will discover a challenging new way to develop the universe of their dreams.

As you create elements watch the world come to life as new combinations create new elements, life-forms and objects that propagate the planet’s surface.

But beware with great power comes great responsibility.

Players need to be aware of unintended consequences like a zombie plague and other catastrophes!

Test your divine knowledge and challenge your friends online with the new Tournament mode.

Each time players successfully create a new item they’ll be rewarded

with wit and wisdom from some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God™!

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