The Dream Machine is an award-winning point & click adventure game about exploring other people’s dreams.

It’s built by hand using materials such as clay, cardboard & broccoli.

In Chapter 1 you play Victor Neff, the husband of a young couple who’ve just moved into a new apartment.

While trying to get settled in you discover that all is not as it seems

in the quiet, unassuming apartment building…

In Chapter 2, Victor goes to confront the landlord,

Mr. Morton, only to find his apartment empty.

Can Victor find the elusive landlord in time and is there more to

Mr. Morton than meets the eye?

Key Features

World: Explore a creepy apartment complex and uncover the mysteries within.

Get to know your neighbors and discover their secrets.

Story: Delve into the minds of strangers and loved ones as you’re trying to save them from The Dream Machine.

Graphics: Wander around beautifully detailed environments built using physical clay models and hand-crafted sets.

Puzzles: In order to progress you have to solve puzzles ranging from simple pushovers to fiendish brainteasers.

Music: A haunting original soundtrack weaves through the narrative, emphasizing the surreal atmosphere of the game.

Game Trailer:

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