Lemmings meets Lost Vikings. Dwarflings is a hardcore classic which will be a challenge for the brain and fingers.

In the game, you will take control of up to five characters, each one with a unique ability.

The control is indirect: while dwarves are moving in real time, you control their speed and manage their abilities to help as many as possible to escape.

On your road to freedom, you will meet not only hordes of enemies, but also some

friendly and helpful characters.

The game is dedicated to the adventures of resilient dwarflings in miner’s

helmets, mashing clay in the grim corridors of the gold mine which never saw the light of the sun.

The hardworking dwarves are not sitting idle.

One dwarf is climbing the mountain and risking breaking into the abyss.

Another has dug a pit. A third has fallen into it and cannot get out.

Someone has even dropped a stone on a huge cave troll’s toe! You are the one who has to

watch over all this mess.

Mind boggling puzzles and indirect control over up to five

unique beardies will make you suffer, cry, break your keyboard and call Mommy until

and unless you finish the final level in order to stop this nightmare.

Escaping an orc prison is not easy, especially if your most threatening weapon is a shovel…

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