Infiltrate secure locations and lurk in the shadows, acquiring information
by any means necessary before leaving undetected!
Espionage is a retro, 2D stealth game where you must sneak through different locations
undetected to uncover a nefarious business transaction in the
heart of your homeland.
You are Kathleen “Umbra” Null, the most experienced
operative for the Terrorist Detective Agency, an organization
devoted to rooting out and stopping terrorism before it can start.

Beautiful Environments- Stunning pixel art, combined with amazing sound effects allow for gorgeous environments during missions.

Tactical Stealth Gameplay- Espionage has a copious amount of strategy and stealthy gadgets to use across Umbra’s many missions

Extensively Various Enemies- Espionage contains a myriad of enemies, with each enemy having a different method to be taken down, as well as different abilities.

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