Be an Ethereal Estate agent!

As an Ethereal Estate agent AND a ghost, Lulu’s job, and ghoulish obligation, is to wreck the Viotto’s manor!

Never before has a ghost unleashed such devastating chaos before, will you?

Bring your friend to the mayhem!

The Ethereal Estate experience is meant to be shared!

Bring a friend to the carnage, either side by side in local

Co-Op or in the safety of each other’s home using Remote Play Together!

A manor soon to be in shambles!

The inhabitants are very tidy and everything in their home is waiting to be tempered with!

Examine, experiment on and destroy every object in the house!

With your ghostly powers, cause mayhem and ruin the lives, and deaths, of the inhabitants.

Uncover the family’s secret

There’s something familiar about this mansion, but what could it be?

Through destruction, find out everything about this family and anything they could be hiding.

Game Trailer:

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By Gaming Girl

Gaming Girl