New mod templates :

Traffic truck skins (3 ATS stucks, 3 ETS2 trucks)

Updates to existing mod templates :

Trailer skins now support accessories skinning (owned trailers)

Added support for Volvo tuning pack DLC

4 new traffic trailers for ATS

User interface updates :

Added option to drag and drop images into relevant editors

Improved design of most image related editors

New “Template directory” button in main toolbar (easy access to templates)

Added support to display proper item names in lists (eg.: accessory list)

Added more options to help with common paths

Added project auto-save feature

Added options to select/deselect/invert inside groups in lists

Tools :

Load from mod: now supports loading from extracted folders

Tool to update old traffic trailer mods to 1.38 standard (can be found as a mod template)

Bug fixes and improvements :

Fixed starting of new projects when a project is already loaded

Moved recently loaded projects file into My Documents

… and many, many, many more !