T.I.M.E. The Game

You are dropped into a facility with only vague instructions and a mysterious device that can warp time around you.

Can you navigate through the tests to a potential escape?

Or will you be forced to wander the facility’s maze like rooms forever, always given new tests?

Made for the 2020 Unreal Epic Mega Jam. 

All audio provided by ZapSplat.com.

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Ghost Hunt


This game contains some disturbing and graphic scare events.

This game is not recommended for people with heart diseases or children below the age of 14.

If you fall under the stated people, play at your own risk!

What happens when you go on a Ghost Hunt to an allegedly haunted location which has a sinister past,

a dark history, with the curiosity of finding out if Ghosts are

real and with the wish to be able to capture real paranormal activity on the camera,

to be able to prove if Ghosts are real.

But what happens when your adrenaline filled,

casual ghost hunt turns out to be your worst nightmare!

Ghost Hunt is an atmospheric survival horror game developed by Cava Games.

Plot of the game:

                 The story of ghost hunt revolves around an amateur ghost hunter, who has been on several ghost hunts,

but never found a compelling evidence of the paranormal. During one of his casual ghost hunts, he decided to visit an abandoned building in the Ravenhill area of Kentucky.

The mistake he makes is that he goes there, ALONE.

He begins his ghost hunt thinking as if it would be a normal ghost hunt as well, and nothing paranormal is gonna show up this time either, but what happens inside, changes him.

He comes face to face with his darkest fears.

In the game, you will be given a few usable objects at the beginning of the game.

These objects will be useful for the player to give the player a head start.

Be careful, the entities the lurk in that darkness could be anywhere, could attack anytime.

Stay vigilant.

Look everywhere.

Inspect everything.

You might just find something that could save your life.

There are secrets hidden in the building, you must find them in order to be able to get out.

Best of luck   


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