After many centuries the Dark Lord is resurrected and rises from his ashes.

Returning to his castle… he curses all the land.

Now hordes of ghosts and the undead wander freely, haunting the people of the realm.

Leaving the people with only one option, escape!

Prepare yourself to face the most crazy army of darkness that you have ever seen!

Bloated ghosts, laughing pumpkins, creaking skeletons and many other weird creatures are waiting for you!

Explore 8 different worlds, from the Dark Forest to The Evil Lord’s Lair.

Travel through the haunted villages and graveyards on your journey to defeat the darkness.
Each world has many levels and many secrets to discover!
If you manage to find all the secrets, the gates to a hidden land will be opened!

Ghost Sweeper features fun stylized cartoon graphics and game-play that mixes action and puzzles, with a variety of items to help you along the way.
Use your agility and speed to tackle your enemy or plan the perfect strategy to avoid confrontation, it is up to you!

Choose a different “Ghost Sweeper” to fit your style of play, or one more suited to a specific level.

Discover hidden treasures and use them to buy useful items in the shop!


*8 Different Worlds and 1 Hidden Mystery World.

*8 Levels in Each World.

*Many Hidden Levels on each World

*Different Warrior Characters to control

*Custom Control System & full Gamepad support

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