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Game introduction
“The Heroes of the Three Kingdoms” is a strategic war chess game produced by Odin Company. It is also the first work in the series of Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. It was released in 1998.
The game is launched in real-time mode, and the actions and battles of both sides are conducted simultaneously. The general process of the game is from “internal affairs business model” to “land strategy model”, then to “war broke out”, and then to “internal affairs business model”.
Game features:
Search the map, develop population
Military commanders with an intelligence and military power of over 85 can perform map search. After the population is developed, the population and money can be increased. The upper limit of the reserve military service will increase. The military commanders can release more and develop to a certain level, which can reach more than 10. Money is distributed at the beginning of each year, and troops can also be transferred from other cities. With a large population and money, there are more soldiers.
Fortify and defend against the enemy
When defending the city, it can be a bonus to the defense of one’s own generals. Usually, the difference of force is less than 5 points, and the probability of avoiding is greater when attacked.
Civil servants and military commanders, all useful
After the battle, the generals need to rest in the city to regain their stamina and skills. When a Wen Jiang with higher intelligence is dispatched as a prefect, the general’s recovery speed will be faster.
Arms control each other, and strategy is the best
There are many types of arms in the game, and the arms restrict each other.
When recruiting a general, it must conform to the historical facts. If the monarch of the general has not been defeated, the general cannot be recruited.
Note: The game does not currently support window mode

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