Iris and the Giant are a fusion of the roguelike, RPG and CCG genres.

You play as Iris, and will discover her psyche and anxieties.

Build your deck

With every encounter, unlock new cards and earn points to boost Iris.

Each attempt makes you stronger, and lets you go further!

A poetic, melancholic story

Throughout the game, you can uncover fragments of Iris’ memories, giving you new insight into the reasons behind your adventure in her mind.


Deckbuilding: build your deck as you progress. Choose the best options for your long-term strategy

A touching adventure, with a lot of care put into the graphics and visual setting

Customisation! The game is packed with choices in how to specialise your character, your deck, and your playstyle.

A progressive difficulty curve that makes the game accessible to all, but offers a challenge to even the most hardened of players.

Game Trailer:

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