Completely rebuilt US 2 entrance to Spokane
Improved Glendive
New Farm North of Glendive
Junction on Bozeman removed
Fixed missing terrain in Miles City
Removed 2 train stations in Great Falls to fix bugs they caused
Most cities now have city speed limits
Highways with 2 lanes have a proper speed limit of 70 mph (car) and 60 mph (truck)
Bug fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented North Dakota from appearing on the trucking market screen
Added Montana / Dakota border
Removed 3 sectors used in Project North –
Various map width settings

Williston area work began
Added US Highway 2 from Williston to Minot (not active yet)
Added US Highway 52 from Minot to Portal (not active yet)
Added Mt 5 highway from Plentywood to Westby, (not active yet)
Added US Highway 85 from Williston to ND 5 added (not active yet)
Service added to Billings
Dealership, service and garage added to Williston
Added Culbertson, rescaled Mt Rest area
Added St Mary and Mt
Fixes in Kalispell
Added signs in the Billings area
Big Sandy company fixes

Replaced 2 truck stops due to problems with textures 1.37
Added signs to Billings, Missoula and JCT US87 / MT200 (Grassrange)
Various terrain fixes

Version 0.7.9:

– fix for flying trucks in Missoula parking lot
– removed hole in the East Side of Billings
– various works


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