Calamity of Undeath Epic Pack

This pack contains the following:· 25 Companion Upgrade Tokens
· 25 Chest Reroll Tokens
· Title: Calamity of Undeath
· 1 Stone of Health
· 5 Scrolls of LifeHow to claim the pack:·

After purchasing, players can either go to the Reward Claims Agent or open the “Claim Rewards” dialog from the Home Page.
· One of the vendor tabs will have the “Calamity of Undeath.”
· Once claimed, the pack will automatically open and the items will go to the character that claimed the pack.

Click on the epic logo to claim

Neverwinter Calamity of Undeath Epic Pack

for Free

Gift of the Dryad

The protection of the forest has been bestowed upon you with this Gift of the Dryad pack.

With a new cloak and plenty of items to increase survivability, you’ll be perfectly equipped to experience

Neverwinter’s newest module, Jewel of the North.

Click on the epic logo to claim

Gift of the Dryad

for Free

(add the DLC to your wallet, then check out)

Neverwinter (2021) – Gameplay

You will need the FREE base game Neverwinter to claim these DLC’S

You can claim the Base game Here:

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