Omaku is a top-down action adventure game, where you explore a huge interconnected world, without any hints or hand holding.

Everything is cryptic, and the game is quite challenging, so prepare to feel lost and frustrated.

But if  you persevere, you may find something beautiful in it.


You only have one button for attacking and interacting besides directional movement.

You can attack while moving by keeping the button pressed, or attack standing still by tapping the button.

You can also use the environment to your advantage, by cutting down trees that fall on enemies,  launching bushes and more. 

While the combat looks simple, right spacing and quick rotation is required.

Don’t let the cute appearance of the game fool you, it is quite challenging.

-upgrades and collectables-

There are two types of resources in the game :

“moontears”, that are scattered around the world which are required to unlock doors, and “enemies souls”

(*cough cough* Dark Souls ripoff) which can be used on sanctuaries for upgrading your sword size, movement speed or health.

Also there are some secret smithing stations in the world, which can give you more abilities.


Campfires are the “checkpoint” of the world where you can restore your health by resting on them,  but the enemies also respawn 

(*cough cough* Dark Souls ripoff again). 

When you die you respawn on the latest campfire rested or passed closed by, and you lose half of your “souls”

I made this game before Sekiro came out, so take that FromSoftware!

That was original!,  but you can go and get them back by killing your “echo” at the point of your death.


One of the two great lights of the sky, the “sun” is gone.

Now everyone is lost without her guidance and the world is filled with sorrow.

But some lights, while quite dim and small,  can radiate hope again. 

The game is quite cryptic.

So you have to gather pieces of information and figure out what happened by yourself.

-state of the game-

Be warned that this game is not finished, and you will not find a climatic ending in it.

Still, the game is pretty large, and it can offer up to 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Feeling up the “Lost Souls” compendium and finding all the “moontears” could take many more.

I made this game 4 years ago and worked on it for more than a year.

I can’t promise you that it will be finished, but I would love to find out if people would be interested in it. 


Move Around with WASD or Keys

Attack/Interact with SPACE or LMB

 – press B on keyboard or Select on controller to open Compendium –

A controller offers the best experience, but mouse and keyboard are fine.

Gameplay Trailer:

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