The map will add the territories of Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. 
In addition, in addition to the usual cargo transportation, you will be able to do the transportation of passengers.

More than 300 cities and towns
Work weighing stations
Plato working system

Large base-garage in Samara with the base of the Orient Express company and the Krasnoyarsk Sovtransavto quarter
All companies in Europe and the CIS have a real analogue
Companies in the CIS are completely new and are not analogues of the default ones.
Passenger transportation is carried out by buses between bus stations, and in the CIS also between airports, construction sites, and seaports.
It is possible to transport goods on BDF trucks (ghost cargo) as well as on tandem trailers.
New cargoes are carried only in the CIS countries
New trailers with logos of Russian companies
In recent cities, such as Omsk and Novosibirsk, there are animated gates at the bases.

All DLC maps are required for the map to work

Changes : update for 1.43 beta

Author : valera_t
Update : Kot95

Map size unpacked = 6,21 GB (6.673.537.090 bytes)