Out of Puberty: Chapter 1 (Free 18+ IndieGala Game)

Young and Beautiful Pearl, finished her school and has decided to move out of her Parent’s safety, into her own place.

Well, not really her own.

Her Uncle owns multiple Houses and Apartments and offered Pearl to stay in one of them, for a Price, a Beautiful young woman like Pearl can afford, or so she thinks.

Meet different characters, all having a part in Pearl’s life, and find out how they will affect her.

Be part of her day-to-day struggles and enjoy a story full of corruption, love, friendship and LUST!

A Story for those who enjoy coming of age story’s and red heads 😉

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Currently available are 10 Days and one weekend event.

Multiple scenes, including 3 very adult ones in this version! 

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Out of Puberty: Chapter 1

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