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Phil Alone

Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants to go out with his friends!

But first he needs to do all his tasks!

Help him before the day ends…or it doesn’t?


Phil Alone is a puzzle/horror game based on the old games “Escape The Room”, where you have to find some leads on how to get out of this huge puzzle in the best way possible.


Arrow Keys – Move the cursor and the main character, Phil!

Enter or Z – Confirm!

X or Backspace – Cancel!

F4 – Fullscreen! (By the way, I think it’s better this way!)


– 5 different endings but 1 true ending.

– Pixel Art by artist Lime Zu.

– A challenging puzzle.



*Players with poor psychological, I suggest not playing this game…*

Gravity Den

Den is a one-eyed alien who is grounded after the terrible crash of a spaceship.

On this planet, one can control the gravity around him to walk in space.

Lucky Dan is also able to change the gravity on the ground. Help him to reach the lost ship.


Change the gravity, control the hero!

You have a unique opportunity to control your character by changing the gravity around him.

Den can move through walls, or even on the ceiling!

He can fly in the air, if you alter the force of gravity in the right direction!


In the game, there are three huge locations with 50 levels each.

Each location includes a new variety of traps and obstacles.


Collect the stars in each level, opening new rooms with very complex obstacles!

Pass the level as fast as you can to improve your rankings!

Constantly improve your results!


After a life full of regrets, awakening… A man looking for himself and his lost.

What can you face most for the sake of your love?

Sometimes entertaining, sometimes sadness… This journey will get you answers you never expected.

Do you have the courage to confront your past?

You will have a great voice to accompany you into the story at least over 1 hour, experience the unique world of Suna.

Walk across different environments like valleys, mountains, forest, canyon, town and frozen sea.

There are secrets waiting to be discovered at every corner. And sometimes dangers too!

There is a secret ending waiting for you if you can find 10 apples hidden in the game world!

Key Features

  • A great narration will draw you into the story and beautiful musics.
  • Walk across different environments like valleys, mountains, forest, canyon, town and frozen sea with nice graphics.
  • Find 10 apples hidden in the game world to unlock the secret ending.
  • ”Secret Cowland!”. Yes, you did not hear wrong, cows have a secret land. If you can find it…
  • Secrets and achievements waiting to be discovered at every corner.
  • Some H.P Lovecraft elements.

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