Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is an arcade action game that puts you in the middle of WWI aerial battles.

The game combines the action-packed dynamics of classic flight games with modern

arcade gameplay and detailed, stylized 3D art.

Play solo or with a friend in 2-player local multiplayer mode.

Upgrade your pilot progression skill tree to improve your stats and aim for the best score.

Witness the birth, rise, and fall of the talented Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen—the best ace of the war, credited with 80 victories.

Become a part of his squadron or lead the hunt to take him down in

Story Mode with two separate campaigns (Triple Alliance or Triple Entente).

Key features

– Play 50 story-driven campaign missions and relive the aerial

combat of World War I (playable also in local multiplayer)

– Pilot 12 warplanes, each with their own unique skins—make your plane crackle with

electricity, glow up the night sky with radioactive trails, and much more

– Fly with a friend in local split-screen co-op and get competitive in

Versus Mode—fulfil objectives, battle each other, or play hide-and-seek in a Hide N’ Seek match

– Challenge yourself in survival mode—fight off enemy waves, take down balloons and

giant Zeppelins, or test your skills in timed missions

For the best gaming experience, we recommend playing with a gamepad/controller.

Game Trailer

Gameplay Overview

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