The Knight has imprisoned the leaders of the Eight Worlds, causing chaos, droughts and disarray!

Adventure together to defeat evil and help the charming citizens of Riverbond in this action-packed journey through beautiful, hand-crafted worlds.

Unlock a variety of weapons, equip new skins, and activate power-ups to hack and slash your way to glory!

Classic Single Player or Chaotic Couch Co-op!

Whether in single player or taking it up a notch in chaotic couch co-op, you can play this epic adventure your way.

With drop-in, drop-out couch co-op, everyone wins together!

Cubic Combat and Awesome Voxel Destruction

With a selection of fast and responsive weapons, wreaking havoc on everything is always satisfying.

Topple massive towers with a swoosh of your sword,

get trigger happy on mobs of enemies, and explode environments into colourful bursts of voxel goodness!

Cute Characters and Deadly Bosses

Meet charming characters, make unexpected allies, and battle with cute (but deadly!) bosses.

Choose from over 50 weapons to suit your play style and triumph over evil.

Cue epic adventure music!

Gameplay Trailer:

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PC Game for Free!

This game is for free from 21-04-2022 Until 28-04-2022 17:00 CET

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