DescriptionTurmoil has engulfed the land of Tamriel, for the emperor, Uriel Septim VII, has been banished into another dimension and usurped by his imperial battlemage, Jagar Tharn.

Tharn has impersonated the emperor and killed all that stood in his way, except one.

Waking up in the prison, you are informed of these nefarious happenings by the spirit of Ria Silmane, Tharn’s murdered apprentice.

With all other threats unaware or removed, you are the last hope for restoring Tamriel’s true emperor and are freed by Ria to begin your quest.

With her assistance, you must collect the scattered pieces of the Staff of Chaos and use it to return Uriel Septim from his dimensional prison.

Using your wits, might and magic, you must explore the vast world of Tamriel and recover these pieces while battling Tharn’s forces. Can you defeat this imposter and rescue Uriel Septim from his prison?

As the first in the Elder Scrolls’ series, Arena introduces players to the captivating world of Tamriel and its inhabitants.

Told from a first-person perspective, this RPG gives players full customisation over race, class, stats and method of battle.

With an expansive world, there are over 400 locations to explore with many treasures to be uncovered and quests to complete.

Providing a deep-lore and immersive story, this classic was a strong first step for the series, as evidenced by its continued dominance in the RPG-genre.

This is a must-play for any fans of the Elder Scrolls series and for any players looking for an authentic RPG adventure.

Explore the world of Tamriel, completing quests, fighting monsters and recovering the scattered pieces of the Staff of Chaos

Fully customise your character down to the finest details, including race, class and stats

Create your own spells and equip yourself with the finest armour you can loot

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