You’re trapped in a British forest
It’s fifty degrees below zero
Stick to the shadows
Build a fire
Deliver your message
You must stay warm at all costs


The Imagined Leviathan is a poetic

Atmospheric survival game set in a post-human Britain.


Get lost in a large, surreal, black and white forest

Bathe in ecological musings voiced by de Fault

Collect fragments of the past world as you explore

Y o u  a r e   n o t   a l o n e   i n   t h e   f o g                  

A 10-20 minute coffee-break-sized game

Freeze to death after wandering into the white void


Standard keyboard & mouse controls
WASD to move
Mouse to look
Left & Right Mouse to interact
E to make fire
Shift to crouch


“But there is a limit…” and from Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.
“Fifty degrees below zero…” from To Build a Fire by Jack London

A game by Chard and de Fault

Audio by RC

Programming by John Connor

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