The Mythical Realm 2 (Free Steam Game)

“World of Xianxia 2” is the second work of the “World of Xianxia” series, one of the flagship brands of Giant Network.

It is also the first masterpiece of Giant Network to fly around the world. 

The game launched unlimited free flight on the whole map, and successfully created a huge and novel world of Xianxia.

【Next-generation online game HD 4K picture quality】

With the powerful expressive power of the Havok engine and a number of advanced 3D technologies, “Xianxia World 2” has reached the next-generation level in terms of game graphics. 

Whether it is technical special effects, scene design or game optimization, the entire game can be regarded as the top level in the industry! 

All the scene buildings in the game are made based on 3D models, and each flower and tree has its own independent model and skeleton. 

Coupled with exquisite character modeling and dazzling skill effects, players can fully experience the charm of

“realism” in the game and enjoy more fun.

[Flying all over the world with cool wings and flying high]

“Xianxia World 2” is an online game featuring flying all over the world. 

From the moment players enter the game scene, they have the ability to fly to the Nine Heavens. 

In the process of enjoying the flight, players will not have any physical limitations and geographical constraints.

They can fly wherever they want, and fly as high as they want.

It is so fun! Coupled with dozens of colorful wings, it is only in the player’s mind whether to transform into a butterfly elf, an angel or a devil, or a fairy and a devil!

[Top beauty salon to create Freestyle self]

“Xianxia World 2” adopts a unique new concept of beauty! 

After players enter the game to choose a profession, they will enter the personalized beauty room. 

Players can make a comprehensive transformation of themselves, ranging from the

size of the body to the details of the chest and hips, whether it is Lori control or Yujie control, whether it is fresh meat or uncle Fan, you can adjust it at will! 

After the figure, it is the “fine carving” of the face.

Players can choose their favorite types from hundreds of cosmetics to “smear” their faces. 

Liquid foundation, blush, color contact lenses, false eyelashes, eye shadows… instantly transformed from passers-by into star faces!

[Dungeon’s interesting gameplay is diverse and attractive]

In order to allow players to have a more interesting and richer PVE experience,

“Xianxia World 2” has made various settings for the gameplay of the copy. 

Players can go to the hunting ground set by a single BOSS,

choose different modes of difficulty and difficulty, and develop their own potential;

they can also call friends, experience Texas Hold’em gameplay, and explore the treasures of trials; they can also enter the Qiankun plate and roll the dice to summon.

High treasure BOSS, enjoy the fun of dropping treasures; you can also play three special links of intelligence, agility, and strength in the mirror of shadows, and finally challenge the beautiful BOSS of the ultimate temptation…

In addition, there are ecstasy in the dungeon Item rewards will drop, making your trip to the dungeon true, and it is more likely to get rich overnight!

[Family gameplay participation groups are free and diverse]

A fence with three stakes, a hero with three gangs! 

“Xianxia World 2” launched a family system for like-minded players to form a group. 

And the specially set “Alliance” mode makes the congenial families have a unique “tie” between them! 

In addition, various family activities and passionate family battles in the family system can also bring unexpected wealth to family members. 

Especially for players who have little investment in the game, as long as they develop together with their own family and advance and retreat with their family brothers, they can also achieve the

Three Realms of Immortals and Heroes!


The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: General Mature Content

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