A huge number of cities and roads;  

– this mod combine several other maps from various authors in one pack; 

– A lot of new parking lots, gas stations and repair stations;     

– For the map to work, you must have all the DLCs;

– The first game load can take a very long time (do not assume that the game is frozen)

I have played this map now for a few hours (With An New Profile) and had no Crashes at all.

Played and tested by modtester.

Most people ask:

Q: Do I need a New Profile

A: No, but, I would make a new Profile.

Q: What DLC’s Do I need


How to Video & Gameplay

Download all 3 Parts, when done, Extract only Part 1

This Ain’t Mario ATS Map v1.45.part1.rar

Copy the 4 extracted SCS files into your American Truck Simulator Mod folder.

C:\Users\User\Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod\

Activate the mods and have fun.

When using with a new profile, do not change the MBD

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Credits/Authors Map’s

I Have No Idea, That’s why I give the credits to all the map creators out there.