Set in the fantastic world of long ago Venice, the young Scarlett falls victim to a terrible mystery, which begins with the murder of her companion by a secretive alliance of mighty necromancers.

Thus, fate takes its inevitable course and threatens to throw the world out of order.

Scarlett finds out that she is the daughter of death incarnate and is blessed with his ultimate powers.

She is the only one who can stop the gruesome powers that threaten to destroy the entire living world.

Now it’s your chance to reverse fate!

Get ready for a fast-paced adventure set in an epic world filled with dark dangers and merciless adversaries.

Arm yourself with mighty weapons, rally together powerful allies, and master the dark powers of death.

Can you conquer the powers that threaten to inescapably destroy the world of the living?

Follow your path down into the deepest abyss to death itself – and back again, if you are worthy!

Key Features:

Experience a visually stunning action RPG with a unique and captivating atmosphere

Follow the hero journey of Scarlett through a rich and original story

Conquer a host of merciless nightmarish creatures that pounce on the threatened world in a raged frenzy in action-packed battles and ultimately confront their masters

Explore palaces, villas and numerous dark alleyways in a living dynamic Venice filled with merchants, rogues, allies and traitors

Learn how to use the powers of the “Twilight World” and wander between the worlds of the living and the dead. Put the ultimate powers of death to your advantage in battle.

Use the advantages of the “Twilight World” and the ultimate powers of death

Experience an open game world with dynamic night and day cycles

Clear, easy to pick up rule system and intuitive game-play

Experience a dynamic and open game world, in which you can freely develop your own character and decide on different game strategies yourself.

Game Trailer:

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