Void Doom (Free Itchio PC+Linux Game)

They Never Stop Coming

Kill Them Before They Kill You

Parkour, Or Perish!


Fluid Parkour Shooting Mechanics with Wall running

3 Different Enemies with Unique Roles 

Running Enemy: Will Relentlessly Chase You and damage you by proximity

Flying Enemy: Will shoot in your general direction. Harmless when alone but dangerous in numbers. 

Grenade Enemy*: Will explode on death, killing everything in the vicinity. 

3 Different Weapons Useful for Different Scenarios. Weapons have limited ammo to keep you on your toes. 

SMG: Jack of all trades, master of none. 

Shotgun: Best for dealing with ground enemies. 

Sniper: Best for quickly dispatching the flying enemies. 

Procedurally Generated Arena, so every play through is different

Constantly Escalating Difficulty 

Scoring System with an Online Leaderboard

Perk System, so the Gameplay is Never Boring

Interesting Unshaded Art Style

How to Play:

You are spawned in the middle of the arena. You must first find a weapon. 

As long as you have ammo, shoot the enemies and don’t die. 

Find a different weapon when your current one is empty. 

Kill a certain amount of both flying and running enemies to receive a perk.

When you perish, and you will perish, admire your high score and compare yourself to the best


(*) Indicates Feature Not Yet Implemented but Coming Soon

Game Trailer:


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Void Doom

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