Information in our possession is conflicting, but it seems that the infection has spread very quickly within a few days, perhaps even in a few hours.

It seems that in the hours immediately following the outbreak of the infection, 43rd NATO airborne battalion was sent to the island, but all contacts were lost after only 8 hours.

PMCW considers this matter with the utmost importance.

Objectives of team W1 are:

Locate the biolab

Take in vitro samples of the pathogen (code name: “Vorax”)

Liquidate surviving medical personnel (optionally) and any witnesses.

In NO case must the presence of the PMCW be revealed. 

Every W1 squad member is equipped with cyanide capsules.

Squad commander is authorized to start liquidation procedure in case of emergency. 

Proceed with the utmost caution.


The island is vast and offers a wide variety of natural resources.

There are also several settlements, a main village, a hotel and tourist attractions.

In the event of an emergency landing, or loss of tactical equipment, each squad member is trained to survive in a hostile environment.

As a good mercenary of a private military company, you know how to use local plants and herbs to make ointments and medications to treat state effects such as burns, bleeding, relieve your stress or simply restore your health.

But more importantly, you can use building materials provided by nature to make rudimentary melee weapons, traps, barricades and much more.

Even a silent bow, very useful for knocking out the infected without being detected.


It seems that the infected are the side effect of the virus grown in the bio-laboratory.

Probably when a security flaw opened, the virus spread to the island.

It is not yet clear whether it spreads by air or through aquifers, but what is certain is that biomass, similar to fleshy appendages that are sometimes glimpsed in the environment, are one of the final stages of the virus.

The biomass therefore seems to be responsible for the mutations that occurred to the civilian inhabitants and to the military personnel who rushed to contain the first stages of the infection.

Contact with non-bottled liquids or non-canned food is therefore strictly prohibited.
Mutates are fast, extremely aggressive and above all voracious.

The first to be devoured were the breeding animals of the surrounding farms and estates.

For this reason, any living being, human or animal, is for them a prey.

Apparently they do not devour each other (to be confirmed).

Finally, it seems that they are photosensitive.

At least the infected humans.

Our drones have in fact observed the absence of external diurnal activity by the mutants, even if some animal species that have come into

contact with the pathogen, such as stray dogs, wolves, wild boars and bears, do not seem to suffer from photosensitivity. 

It is therefore recommended to exercise extreme caution at night.


You will land in the North area, a few hundred meters from the bio-laboratory, at 4.30 in the morning.

The helicopter will wait 25 minutes and then will take off.

Make sure you are well rested.

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