Ubisoft has finally released the outfit for Vanoss

Vanoss Gaming is coming to the streets of London in

Watch Dogs: Legion

Or at least, a set of clothing inspired by the owl-headed creator is.

The Vanoss jacket and mask are free to unlock

and can be used to deck out your DedSec recruits in avian style.

Unlocking the Vanoss set is easy, but you’ll need to go through a few steps, which we’ve detailed below:

If playing on a console, link your first-party account (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live) to a Ubisoft Account.

You can link your accounts by visiting the Ubisoft website.

This is required to play the game when connected to the Internet.

This is NOT required if playing Watch Dogs: Legion on PC.

Go to redeem.ubisoft.com/watchdogslegion 

and enter one of the codes

The Vanoss clothes will now be unlocked and part of your in-game wardrobe.

You will receive an in-game notification that the clothes have been unlocked.

Your new wardrobe can be accessed at any available shop in London, or in the Hacker Space.

Vanoss assets include a jacket, mask, and hat.

(Note that the mask and hat are identical

owl heads, with the difference being

that the mask version is only worn in dangerous situations, while the hat can be worn at all times.)

Use one of these Codes

By TeamEliteCrew