Wild Life Rescue – Find Hidden Animals: Forest Patrol (Free PC Game until 16-10-21)

Welcome to the real nature reserve right on your screen.

Wild Life Rescue – a unique game where you can feel in the role of a reserve employee.

Wild animals, diverse and picturesque nature, exciting missions are all waiting for you in our simulator.

Come face to face with the wild nature and save the innocent animals from death.

Their lives are in your hands!

ANIMAL RESCUE Use various inventory to find sick animals, treat their wounds, so that they can return to their natural habitat as soon as possible.

ANIMAL DETECTION Walk through the beautiful forests of the reserve, enjoy unique wildlife, find new species of animals and take pictures of them.

COLLECT CARDS Take photos of new animals, collect and add these photos to your collection.

USE INVENTORY The game offers a wide range of equipment – binoculars, pistols and rifles with sleeping pills, decoys with sleeping pills, darts, noise and sound grenades and much more.

Use this to prevent the animals from attacking you.

VARIETY OF ANIMALS Wild deer, foxes, bears, wolves and others are waiting for you to visit in their reserve.

Complete all the missions and save the innocent animals from death!

Game Trailer:

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Wild Life Rescue – Find Hidden Animals: Forest Patrol

(Free until 16-10-21)