This is a short, mostly KINETIC comedy/drama visual novel.

With a few choices, set in a semi-fictional world of secret organizations.

When the protagonist and Grendel Jinx are forced to work together to try and stop an enemy group, things don’t go to plan, and they manage to find themselves trapped in a school, where everyone believes they are transfer students.

After the initial shock, the pair gradually get to know their classmates, and things seem to be going well – at least for a short time.

However, it’s not long before teachers and classmates alike are meeting violent ends.

If neither the protagonist nor Grendel wants to become another casualty, a way out of their predicament is needed.

This is a DEMO of the main game


CG Graphics by Mehwish

Survive a school week

Some options change the path of the story

Funny and dramatic story

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WTC : Relentless Protagonist [Sxs}

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